Friends of the Environment

Friends of the Environment

To take care of you and us, we take care of our surroundings.

We are the first destination of the Mediterranean-oriented sustainable tourism, together with our partners of Visit south sardinia, recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and which is going to get the recognition by the European Community, as included in the ETIS program. The territory is also preparing to obtain EMAS environmental certification.

In our hotel we want to make our contribution to the protection and defense of the environment.

Thanks to the commitment of all employees, we adopt both technical and organizational measures to prevent pollution and to reduce discharges of any kind: we practice the collection of waste and we invite our guests to do the same by providing the specific containers upon arrival at the hotel, we are committed to using alternative detergents that have the least possible impact on the environment while consistent with the hygienic requirements required by our business, we use local products as much as possible or zero km, promote tours to better to know our territory, the beautiful environment, biodiversity and areas of community interest.

We live in a country that reaches peaks of waste separation equal to 80%.

We use alternative energy and energy saving light bulbsreducing flow to save water. We encourage savings in washing towels.

Costa Rei along with “Visit South Sardinia” has been evaluated according to the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council on the sustainability of tourism destinations.

Visit South Sardinia is a Destination Management Organisation (DMO) formed in February of 2014, formed by the towns of Cagliari, Domus de Maria, Muravera, Pula and Villasimius, and has been recognized as the first sustainable destination in the Mediterranean.

The area south of Sardinia has participated in the international project for recognition of a sustainable destination promoted by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the non-profit agency that deals with sustainable tourism in the world in the context of the World Tourism (UNWTO).

Visit South Sardinia has completed the first users of the Program of the GSTC that established the sustainability of a destination on the basis of scientific criteria (40 criteria and 81 indicators) subscribers globally.

The program is supervised by a working group of the GSTC and managed by NGO partners Sustainable Travel International (STI). The criteria target complement and complete the existing GSTC criteria for hotels and tour operators, which is the standard for sustainability in the world for tourism businesses.

Sustainable Tourism

We have always been aware of the impact of tourism on the environment and neighboring around the world, and that’s why we try to be a ‘green’ company. Let continually possible to avoid any negative impact of our activities on our destinations and ensure environmental and social benefits in the long term.

We are committed where possible to:

  • Protect the environment, its flora, fauna and landscapes.
  • Promote local culture while respecting the traditions, religions and heritage.
  • Ensure both economic and social benefits to local communities.
  • Conserve natural resources from birth to the destination.

South Sardinia is the first sustainable Mediterranean destination

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